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Company profile

         Ningbo Yonglida Hardware co.,Ltd. established in 1982, is located in China's largest port city of ningbo city, the land, sea and air traffic is convenient.
        It is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of industrial and mining, household and indoor and outdoor lamps and lanterns of the enterprise, the leading product for the halogen lamp, lawn lamp) series, moistureproof lamp series, garden lamp series, corner lamp series,, three - lamp series, energy-saving lamp, LED lamp and so on a total of 15 series more than 500 kinds of products, including energy saving lamp, LED lamp for the major research and development projects.
         These lamp design is reasonable, the luminous efficiency, modelling beautiful, applicable to the station, square, roads, courtyard, family and architectural lighting.
The company covers an area of 56000 square meters, with more than 500 employees, 2006 annual sales income is 183 million yuan.. The company mainly



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